Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Audio Engineering - Sound Recording - Production Course


Principles of Pro Mixing, Second Session

JUNE 18-22, 2012

7 PM - 9 PM (Monday - Friday) 
Christian Life Academy
Baton Rouge, LA


Learn the Secrets of Great Sound Engineer's
Baton Rouge School of Music Production
First Course Offering!

10 hour summer course on creating professional mixes in studio recording and live venues.

One week intensive instruction - 2 hours per day.

Key Topics of Instruction:

1. The evolution of mixing.
2. The mechanics of mixing.
3. The element of balance.
4. Panorama-placing the sound in the sound field.
5. Frequency range-equalizing.
6. Dimension-adding effects.
7. Dynamics-compression and gating.
8. Interest-how to create great mixes (not just good.)
9. Monitoring.
10. The master mix and mixing in the box.

Broadcast and sound engineering technicians

This is a group course taught by instructor Kevin A. Woolsey, B.S.
Total cost $495.00 (only 12 positions available.)
Similar courses are taught for as much as $2,000 to $8,000.

Kevin has been in the audio production and music business since 1985.
He currently teaches Applied Music and Guitar I at Christian Life Academy (Private High School) and was the director of music at Christian Life Fellowship for the last four years.
He has worked alongside of numerous experienced career engineers including William Davis, Mark Coleman, Joey Maxell, Rodger Eddinger and Chris Breaux.
Kevin has also worked in audio production and recording with national figures such as Lincoln Brewster, Janet Paschal, Nikki Leonti and Larnelle Harris, to name a few.

You can get CERTIFIED in Basic Audio/Sound Engineering Principles this summer!

Example tips from pro mixer:

Easy-To-Remember Golden Rules Of EQ:

1. If it sounds muddy, cut some at 250Hz.
2. If it sounds honky, cut some at 500Hz.
3. Cut if you're trying to make things sound better.
4. Boost if you're trying to make things sound different.
5. You can't boost something that's not there in the first place.

31 Hz Rumble, "chest"
63 Hz Bottom
125 Hz Boom, thump, warmth
250 Hz Fullness or mud
500 Hz Honk
1 KHz Whack
2 KHz Crunch
4 KHz Edge
8 KHz Sibilance, definition, "ouch!"
16 KHz Air

Learn the tools of the trade. 

Reserve your spot today!

EMAIL (AAA)kevin.woolsey@gocrusaders.com or 

Call Kevin Woolsey (225) 773-3350 

Note: do not type (AAA) in actual email. this is to deter auto spammers.

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