Monday, June 18, 2012

Audio Engineering & Music Production Course Offering

Audio Engineering & Music Production Course
  • Train in 2 hour modules with an experienced sound engineer.
  • Learn the best practices in music/audio production.
  • Study how to set up and run a live sound system with hands on training. 
  • Each module with one-on-one professional training costs $100.00.
  • Take block instruction at your own pace.
  • Student-practitioner completing 10 hours of intensive training will be awarded a certificate of completion of course requirements upon testing successfully.
Topics Instructed in Detail:
1. The evolution of mixing.
2. The mechanics of mixing.
3. The element of balance.
4. Panorama-placing the sound in the sound field.
5. Frequency range-equalizing.
6. Dimension-adding effects.
7. Dynamics-compression and gating.
8. Interest-how to create great mixes (not just good.)
9. Monitoring.
10. The master mix and mixing in the box.
About the Teacher:

This course is taught by Kevin A. Woolsey, B.S. Kevin has been in the audio production and music business since 1985. He currently teaches Applied Music and Guitar I at Christian Life Academy (Private High School) and was the director of music at Christian Life Fellowship for the last four years. He has worked alongside of numerous experienced career engineers including William Davis, Mark Coleman, Joey Maxell, Rodger Eddinger and Chris Breaux. Kevin has also worked in audio production and recording with national figures such as Lincoln Brewster, Janet Paschal, Nikki Leonti and Larnelle Harris, to name a few. His music is featured on nearly 100 radio stations in America and his music has appeared on major TV venues such as Spike TV, WGN-TV Chicago and Direct TV.

How to Schedule:

Email or call/text to set up your professional practices/hands-on training today: (225) 773-3350
You can learn the best recording methods of professionals and start using successful mixing and music production methods today!

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